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Welcome to Module MarketPlace

The home of Crestron Modules and IR Files, AMX Modules, Include Files, and IR Files.

We have several files to help with Crestron Mobile for iPad, iPod Touch, and iPhone development.

We are a marketplace devoted to the Custom Integrator Programmer. The bits of code and pieces of artwork that you use everyday are available here for sale by your fellow programmers to speed up your programming so that you can meet the deadlines and/or add additional functionality that you didn't have time to do..

If there is any type of module that you would like to sell that we don't have category for, please go to the Contact Us page and let us know.

Featured Products

 Become a Vendor Program.
Become a Vendor Program.
To become a Vendor is Free. You will be able to sell the modules, graphics, and IR files you made and tested to others that need them for the price you set with no upfront costs.

Manufacturer: MMP Vendor
 LG 42LY340C Monitor
LG 42LY340C Monitor
Basic Functions for the Display. Feedback is by Interlock and not device.

Manufacturer: dimeo/design LLC
 Phillips Hue Lighting AMX Module
Phillips Hue Lighting AMX Module
*Preset color control of a Hue light bulb
*Preset dimming control of a Hue light bulb
*On/Off control of a Hue light bulb
*Level aka slider control of saturation of a Hue light bulb
*Level aka slider control of brightness of a Hue ligh

Manufacturer: Tim Roberts
Oppo BDP-83 BluRay V2 (Crestron Module)
Oppo BDP-83 BluRay V2 (Crestron Module)
What You Get:
Real feedback through polling and/or change of stat (COS)
Play and Transport Status
Current Audio Mode and number of available modes
Current Subtitle and number of available modes
Current Chapter and Track

Manufacturer: Tim Roberts
Password Date
Password Date
Use the current date as the password. Its great because the password changes every day, its not obvious that it is the password that is being entered, and you don't have to write the password down to remember it. You do have to make sure that the date is
$49.00 $39.00

Manufacturer: dimeo/design LLC

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Password Date

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